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Kate Whiteford

G.H. We wanted to ask you about working with both an inherited language and also a cultural language. K.W. It is a bit like voices which can be transcribed into a contemporary idiom. I started looking at this whole idea especially at St. Andrews–this underlay of the culture and how it had been destroyed. I… Read More »


Below is an article from Michelle Rickaby Just over a year and a half ago Darren and I moved from a townhouse to a house. This has changed our lives in so many ways. We were so lucky in our townhouse that it had a yard that backed onto a path that followed a creek.… Read More »

the story of living colour

Barbara Harrow is an artist who uses dance to present her visual imagery. She studied textiles at Winchester School of Art in the early 1970s and since that time her work has centred around the theme of colour and movement combined. At Winchester, Barbara became fascinated with colour and as she found that colour itself… Read More »

Henry Asencio

“This was not really what I thought art should feel like when I got to the end result of achieving Realism,” Asencio explains. “Being naive as I was when I was young, I thought once an artist had mastered Photorealistic work with precision, that would be the end result–then you would feel fulfilled as an… Read More »